January 19, 2021
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RL Consultant Mark Guthrie and RLC member Sailesh Mehta examine the UK Electoral process

19. JAN 2021

RL Consultant Mark Guthrie and RLC member Sailesh Mehta explore the UK electoral process following the storming of the Capitol by Trump supporters on Jan 6. Writing for the Gazette, they look at why democracies are dependent on legitimate elections, the need for electoral reform, the dangers of misplaced perceptions, exceptionalist thinking as well as identifying potential digital threats:

“Any reforms to strengthen the credibility of our electoral process need to take account of.. digital threats to democracy.”

The question also arises whether a populist politician could emerge in the UK and deliberately seek to undermine the rule of law?

Read the opinion piece here: [Law Gazette]

Learn more about: [RLConsulting]

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